Strategy & Targets

The target of Bajaj Cement is to increase the value of the Group in the long term through sustainable and result-oriented growth. We want to continue to provide our customers with superior quality and innovative products at competitive prices, open up prospects, and offer all of our employee’s safe and attractive jobs. We incorporate economic, ecological, and social targets in our business strategy by the measures we take to protect the climate and biodiversity, as well as the social responsibility we assume at all locations.

Operational Excellence

In a market with largely standardised products, we differentiate ourselves through our high level of customer focus and service quality in order to realise the full value of our products and services. Moreover, we ensure a competitive cost structure in all areas. A key objective is to make sure that the productivity enhancement in input factors such as working time, capital, and energy at least offsets inflation- related cost increases. For countries with high inflation, this is valid to the extent as we cannot compensate inflation by increased sales prices in the market.

The basis and prerequisite for operational excellence is a culture of continuous improvement. We engage in intensive benchmarking both internally and in relation to competitors, in order to identify optimisation potential. Our goal is a stable position in the top quartile for all operational benchmarks: efficiency and cost structure, productivity, margin, growth, and value creation.

Quality Control

BLC product conforms to BIS 1489 Standard. Our company is also practicing the best quality control procedures to maintain and enhance the quality of not only products but also of its operations for the following purposes :

  • To exercise complete control over the production Process, Inspections and Tests, and also over the financial work flow like Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Delivery.
  • To optimize production of cement while maintaining the product quality standard all the time with due consideration to cost factor and environment.
  • To maintain the plant, machinery and equipment in the best condition to avoid any breakdown or error in process.
  • To ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and are adequately qualified to carry out their duties most effectively.
  • To carry out planned audits and reviews to ensure effective implementation and continued suitability of this policy, to revise or modify it if necessary and ensure continual improvement of the quality system.
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