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For architects, engineers, designers and developers, BLC is a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solution that brings your unique design and functionality to life.

Exceptional Strength

To ensure that cement dispatched to customers is with Zero defect quality and has exceptionally high strength superseding national and international standards, automatic quality control is done through online well equipped laboratory and computer controlled systems. Our focus is not only on the quality of cement dispatched but on the consistency of the high quality cement dispatched. We may further add that the Quality Control department carries out regular checks and analysis of various raw materials, intermediate products and final products in order to have additional quality checks. At Bajaj the chemical composition and grinding fineness are closely monitored to ensure that BIS standards are surpassed and our customers get cement of exceptional strength.

Ideal Setting Time

In order to allow sufficient time for application, cement must have a quick initial settings time. However, once in place, the final settings should not take too long. At BAJAJ ideal initial and final setting times are maintained.

Sulphate Resistant

Low C3A Content

Sulphate salts present in some soils combine with moisture and tri-calcium aluminate (C3A) , one of the constituents of cement to form a compound known as Sulpho Aluminate off Hydrated Calcium. This compound is highly expansive and gradually results in the destruction of concrete. However, if a C3A content is very low, it is rendered inert and there is thus no reaction at all. BLC Cement has a much lower C3A content, making the cement highly effective against Sulphate attacks.

Low Alkali Content

Certain aggregates contain alkali sensitive ingredients, which under unfavourable conditions, can result in expansion leading to cracking of concrete. The presence of alkali also causes staining and other undesirable effects on concrete. American Standards specify that cement can be termed low-alkali if its alkali content does not exceed 0.6%. BLC Cement has alkali content below 0.6 and a unique distinction, can also be classified as low - alkali cement.


The smooth, dense surface and slightly finer particle size of BLC Cement creates a fluid paste that allows for easier placement and finishing.

Higher 28-day strength

Concrete produced with our BLC Cement often yields higher 28-day compressive and flexural strength than comparable products.

Reduced heat hydration

Concrete produced with BLC Cement has lower heat of hydration that reduces thermal cracking, especially important for projects that involve mass concrete structures like dams.

Lower permeability

The reduced permeability and increased resistance to chlorides and other aggressive chemicals increase the product life and limit the amount of liquid absorption.

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